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In 2002, Elliot DeFalco founded the E.A.D. Companies to better serve the D.C. metro area. As a licensed pilot, Elliot understands the importance of charting his course and making adjustments for the winds of change. Each project is carefully planned with the client's clear goals in mind. As obstacles are encountered, and they will be, the E.A.D. team works smart by applying corrective measures and navigating our client's project to their intended destination.

E.A.D.'s team specializes in mechanical, electrical and piping systems for large facilities (see project photo above). This specialty, combined with our strong management skills, we can lead your project through the construction process while handling the most complex issues.

There are many components to a project that must be considered throughout the construction process, and the experts of your E.A.D. team are on top of it.

  • Keeping the Client in the Loop

  • Project Schedule

  • Code Compliance

  • Space Functionality 

  • Final Aesthetics and Finishes

  • Budget Control

  • Complex Construction Logistics

  • Subcontractor Negotiations



Elliot A. DeFalco was born in 1964. He served with the United States Marines from September 29th, 1982 until he retired on October 30th, 2002 with the rank of CWO-3, MOS 0602.

As the president and owner of E.A.D. Companies, Elliot holds several licenses including:

  • Class “A” General Construction Contractor in VA, DC and MD

  • Master electrician in MD, DC and VA

  • Master plumber, gas fitter and HVAC in MD, VA and DC


He formed E.D. Industries in Utica NY in 1992 to do sheet metal and mechanical construction work. The business grew from one employee to a team of twenty-five by 2000, with an annual revenue of over 2 million. They were a full service mechanical contractor that did large bonded jobs for the State of NY and various other entities. They also did large school, prison and governmental work.

In 2002 Mr. DeFalco formed another corporation and acquired a small plumbing company in Maryland. He grew that company from four employees to fifteen and has revenues between 1.5 and 3 million per year. They do complete general construction as well as construction management, mechanical & electrical services, and HVAC installation & maintenance. E.A.D Mechanical Inc. is presently licensed to do large general construction projects with a bonding limit of 6 million dollars and their largest single project to date being $2.8 million.

Mr. DeFalco presently serves as the president for all three E.A.D. Companies; E.A.D. Mechanical Inc., E.D. Mechanical Inc., and Veteran's Construction Group, Inc.


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