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Everything uses power; from stage lighting to air conditioning equipment - we will provide you with systems installed in compliance with the National Electrical Code. We are licensed electricians and data specialists who know how to energize your building such that it works when you need it.


Drinking fountains and working restrooms are only a small part of what's needed to make your facility work. As licensed plumbers, we specialize in fire pumps & sprinkler systems, natural gas & propane piping, specialty gas distribution, and refrigerant piping for your HVAC.



Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is an important part of every building project and in installed and commissioned in-house by E.A.D. Mechanical, assuring you that your systems will function properly for years to come.


Most construction companies are General Contractors (GC) and specialize only in the building structure. They hire MEP subcontractors (which typically makes up one-third of the building cost), then tack on a 7% to 10% addition cost for overhead and profit. In addition to added costs, there is also an additional layer of management to handle subcontractors and coordinate with their schedules.

Because E.A.D. Companies have a full range of trades on staff, your construction project is managed and built efficiently and cost-effectively. Call us at (315) 534-3027 to discuss how our specialty services can be a benefit to you.

What is MEP and why is it important that we are an MEP-centered construction company? MEP is a common construction term used in the industry that stands for the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. It's at the heart of every facility and makes up many of the unseen amenities that make your building functional. MEP is...​

  • Your air conditioned sanctuary in the heat of the summer

  • Hot running water in your restrooms

  • Bright white lighting in the gymnasium

  • Fire alarms and security systems throughout your campus

  • Power and natural gas to your kitchen appliances



The team at E.A.D. Companies understands that your church is more than just a building, but a complex tool that allows you to accomplish your purpose.

Throughout our 25 years in business, we've worked with many pastors and building committees to develop facilities and specialty spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

"More Than Just a Building"
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